Python Programming

About The Course

This course is designed to help learners become professional Python programmers and by studying  one of the most in-demand skills in the tech industry  in 2022!

This course is for you whether you’ve never programmed before, know basics  or want to learn about Python’s advanced capabilities. We will teach you Python 3 in this course.

This course includes three big projects to help you build a portfolio of Python projects.

You will learn how to use Python to perform real-world tasks including dealing with PDF files, sending emails, reading Excel files, scraping websites for information, and much more!

This course will teach you Python in a practical way, with a full coding screencast and a related code notebook accompanying each class! Learn in whatever way suits you best!

Course Curriculam

Python Setup
Dive into the world of Python with a seamless setup process. Learn how to install Python, set up your development environment, and explore essential tools for an efficient coding experience.

Python Object and Data Structure Basics
Establish a strong foundation in Python programming by understanding fundamental concepts such as variables, data types, and data structures. Gain proficiency in manipulating and organizing data in Python.

Python Comparison Operators
Master the art of comparison in Python. Explore comparison operators and understand how they are used to evaluate expressions, making informed decisions in your code.

Python Statements
Delve into Python statements, including conditional statements and loops. Learn how to control the flow of your program, enabling you to execute specific code based on conditions and iterate through data efficiently.

Object-Oriented Programming (OOP)
Unleash the power of Object-Oriented Programming in Python. Learn to create and use classes, objects, and inheritance, fostering a modular and efficient coding structure.

Modules and Packages
Explore the modular nature of Python programming. Discover how to organize your code into modules and packages, enhancing code reusability and maintainability.

Error Handling
Grasp the art of handling errors in Python. Learn techniques such as try, except, and finally blocks to ensure robust and fault-tolerant code.

Python Decorators
Elevate your Python skills with decorators. Explore this advanced feature to enhance the functionality of your functions, making your code more elegant and modular.

Python Generators
Uncover the efficiency of Python generators. Learn how to create iterators using yield statements, enabling the creation of memory-efficient and scalable code.

Web Scraping with Python
Enter the realm of web scraping using Python. Acquire the skills to extract valuable information from websites, automate data retrieval, and apply your Python knowledge

Working with Images
Extend your Python capabilities to image processing. Discover how to manipulate and process images using Python, opening the door to a wide array of multimedia applications.

Working with Files – PDFs and CSVs
Navigate the intricacies of file handling with a focus on PDFs and CSVs. Learn how to read, write, and manipulate these file formats, broadening your skills for data analysis and manipulation.

Working with Emails
Explore the practical applications of Python in email automation. Learn how to send and receive emails, automate email tasks, and integrate Python into your communication workflows.