Advanced Full Stack Web Application Development Masterclass

About The Course

Welcome to the Advanced Full Stack Web Application Development Master Class! This course is tailored for individuals with prior knowledge in software development who aspire to elevate their skills to an advanced level.

Throughout this course, we delve into the latest technologies for building exceptional web applications using Python 3 and Django, along with either Django Rest Framework or Flask. On the front end, we explore Angular or React, providing you with a comprehensive skill set for full-stack development. Designed with a project-based approach, we guide you through the development of robust RESTful APIs, leveraging the power of Django and Django Rest Frameworks or Flask. Simultaneously, we tackle front-end development using Angular and React, demonstrating seamless integration between the two.


Course Curriculam

Environments Setup
● Objective: Ensure participants are equipped with the necessary tools and environments for effective development.

  • Setting up development tools
  • Introduction to version control systems (e.g., Git)
  • Creating virtual environments for Python projects

Introduction to Web Development and Python
Objective: Provide an overview of web development and introduce Python for those new to the language.

Django/Flask Introduction
Objective: Familiarize participants with popular Python web frameworks Note to Participants: This section assumes a basic understanding of Python. If you're new to Python, we recommend reviewing Python basics before proceeding.

Backend-API Development
Objective: Equip participants with backend development skills, emphasizing API creation. Note to Participants: Engage actively in the practical exercises to reinforce your understanding. If you encounter challenges, reach out to the community resources provided for assistance.

Angular/React Introduction
Objective: Introduce participants to frontend frameworks for building interactive user interfaces.

Front-end Development
Objective: Deepen understanding of frontend development, focusing on key concepts and practical application.

Objective: Guide participants through the deployment process for both backend and frontend applications