Mobile App Development (React Native)

About The Course

This course is designed to help learners become   mobile application developer  using JavaScript which support both the Android and iOS platforms (React native)

The course  and react nativesaves developers effort and time because they only need one programming language.

You will learn how to  create a React mobile app using Expo and React Native which can run on multiple platforms, including Android, iOS, and even the web.


What Will You Learn?

1. What Expo and React Native are and how to write an app

2. How to use core components in your apps

3. Add custom styling to your components

4. Use React Navigation to make multi-screen apps

5. How to use redux

6. How to integrate react native paper

7. How to integrate and use firebase

8. How to host react native code

Course Curriculam

Introduction to React Native, React Router, and React Hooks
Begin your journey into mobile app development by understanding the fundamentals of React Native. Explore the React Router for navigation and dive into React Hooks to leverage state and lifecycle management efficiently.

React Native Setup for Windows and Linux
Navigate the initial steps of setting up a React Native development environment on both Windows and Linux systems. Ensure a smooth and hassle-free start to your mobile app development journey.

React Native and Expo
Unlock the potential of Expo as a powerful toolset for React Native development. Learn how Expo streamlines the development process, providing essential tools and resources for creating robust and feature-rich mobile applications.

Angular/React Introduction
Gain insights into the broader landscape of web development by exploring Angular and React. Understand their relevance to React Native and how these technologies complement the mobile app development process.

React Native Styling
Elevate the visual appeal of your mobile applications through comprehensive styling techniques in React Native. Learn to create captivating user interfaces that enhance the user experience.

API Requests with React Native
Delve into the intricacies of making API requests in React Native. Master the art of fetching and handling data from external sources, enabling your mobile app to interact seamlessly with backend services.

States in React Native
Understand the concept of states in React Native. Explore how states allow you to manage and manipulate data within your app, ensuring dynamic and responsive user interfaces.

React Native Routes
Navigate through the implementation of routes in React Native. Learn to structure your mobile app's navigation, creating intuitive and user-friendly pathways between different screens.

Master the use of hooks in React Native for effective state management and lifecycle control. Explore various hooks that enhance the functionality and efficiency of your mobile applications.

Dive into the concept of reducers and their role in state management. Learn how to implement reducers to handle complex state logic, ensuring a scalable and maintainable codebase for your React Native apps.